Our first recipient of the A. Scott MacKinlay Impact Grant is Lisa Ryan, Instructional Technology Interaction Specialist for the Rockland Public Schools. This $10,000 grant funded “Google Expeditions”, – a virtual reality program that took students in Grades 2-12 to other countries, under the sea, and even within the human body to see first-hand the world around us and all its wonder! Abstract concepts come to life in classrooms and there are currently over two hundred tours available for teachers to utilize. Tours are collections of virtual reality panoramas, 360 degree photo spheres, 3D images and videos, and ambient sounds combined with details, points of interest and questions to engage students. Mrs. Ryan also provided instructional support and training to teachers in the use of the program. When Mr. MacKinlay visited a classroom to see this program in action, he was so thrilled with the possibilities it presented to the students in Rockland that he proposed to the Foundation’s directors that additional funding be found to expand this program to allow more student participation. As a result, a generous donation from the Rockland Trust Company was used to expand Google Expeditions.